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Wednesday, 7 March 2012


macam baru jek post yang tadi kan
kata nak banyak2 post
biar nampak meriah sikit blog nie

kan ade cakap pasal IPL tadi kan??
kowang taw tak ape itu IPL??
sebenarnya aku sendiri pown tak tahu lagi nama penuh nya
tapi its a case study kind of learning actually
we have been divided into smaller groups about 9-10 people
one lecturer will guide us
during the discussion session
we are given a topic
not a topic actually
but like a piece of paper
written the problem happen to some patients
and we need to discuss the symptoms
we have to come out with a conclusion
what disease that are related and also the treatment involved
we have to come out with several learning outcomes
that should be in that topic of discussion
then we'll be given a week to compile all the notes and information
then next week
at the same place
we have to present it to our group
make sure everyone can understand what u teach
its a enjoyable kind of learning i think
we can practice to learn and think
and have to do some critical thinking session

so thats all about IPL
our lecturer decided to make it more efficient due to previous result
i better get prepared laa kan
tomorrow is the presentation session
so thats all
thank you..

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